A History of Russia c.882-1996, 3rd edition

Medieval, Modern, Contemporary c.881-1996
Dukes, Paul
Date published: 
November 1997

'Reliable, interesting, stimulating, readable.' - A.V. Knowles, Journal of Russian Studies'A good introduction to the long view.' - Niall Ferguson, Daily Mail'Full of facts, it aims at an unbiased account of the current interpretations of them, supported by wide bibliographies...how refreshing and helpful to find the political economic and cultural aspects of history clearly set out and judiciously balanced.' - Robin Milner-Gulland, Guardian In this new edition of his History of Russia, Paul Dukes takes full account of the extraordinary changes that have occurred since the arrival of first Mikhail Gorbachev and then Boris Yeltsin. Substantially expanded and rewritten, this new edition sets these events within the context of over 1100 years of Russian history. From Medieval Kiev and Muscovy to post-Soviet Russia, this is an invaluable work for anyone studying this remarkable country.