The Making of Eastern Europe, 2nd edition

From Prehistory to Postcommunism
Longworth, Philip
Date published: 
May 1997

Reviews of first edition:'I warmly commend The Making of Eastern Europe...a first-rate piece of historical analysis...I find Professor Longworth's comments constantly illuminating on a region of Europe which I had up to now thought I knew reasonably well.' - Erik de Mauny, Financial Times'A rich and varied work...Longworth's is a bold and always arresting study.' - Jeremy Black, History Today Why has the collapse of Communism resulted in so much disappointment for the hopeful millions of Eastern Europe? In the revised edition of this thoughtful and provocative book Philip Longworth argues that their predicament is only partly due to the imposition of the Soviet system but rather that they are the heirs of misfortune which dates back centuries. In exploring the origins of current problems, this sweeping history ranges from the present day to the time of Constantine the Great, the Urals to the Mediterranean and the Baltic, and emphasises culture and society, as well as politics and economics. In an additional new chapter Philip Longworth analyses the collapse of Communism and the advent of post-communism. This book will be of immense value to all who want to understand Eastern Europe's past and present.