Servants of the People

The 1960s Legacy of African American Leadership
Williams, Lea E.
Date published: 
January 1998

The repressive climate of racial hatred in America that spawned the 1960s civil rights movement also galvanized a generation of bold, persuasive, driven, African-American leaders who embodied the qualities of servant leadership. Williams follows the lives of six leaders as they willingly risk their lives for the civil rights cause: A. Philip Randolph, Frederick D. Patterson, Thurgood Marshall, Whitney M. Young, Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., and Fannie Lou Hamer. In these fascinating profiles Williams reveals the rich legacy of servant leadership they embodied. Servants of the People paints a powerful portrait of an entire generation and those who came forth to lead them in the struggle for basic civil rights, recapturing their legacy and drawing valuable lessons for today's leaders.