Government and Politics in Africa, 3rd edition

Tordoff, William
Date published: 
July 1997

Reviews of the previous editions: '...a wonderfully comprehensive yet succinct textbook on African politics.' - Barry Munslow, Third World Quarterly 'Each of the ten chapters in his book is written with an economy of language and a breadth of knowledge rarely found in political science writings... Tordoff's interpretations will be respected by scholars from diverse perspectives.' - Raymond F. Hopkins, International Journal of African Historical Studies Comprehensively revised for this new edition, this popular textbook has been extended to assess the progress made by states - mostly weakened in capacity and crippled by debt - in moving towards democratic pluralism and a market economy. Using examples and case studies drawn from different parts of Africa, the book investigates both theoretically and in considerable empirical detail a range of institutions as well as key issues including decentralisation, the role of women, the tragedy of Rwanda, and the impact of a liberated South Africa upon African states to the north.