The Rescue of the Innocents

Finucane, Ronald C.
Date published: 
October 1997

In The Rescue of the Innocents, Ronald Finucane seeks to examine the emotional life of Medieval families by focusing on the influence of miracles on the lives of children during the Middle Ages. He analyzes the impact that these miracles had on the families of the children, comparing the differences between experiences of families in the north and the south of Europe. The reactions of mothers in particular, in comparison to fathers and other kin, are studied for their distinctive quality. In addition, Finucane breaks with the traditions of Medieval historians and concentrates on only one type of source: hagiographical records. He produces a wealth of fascinating material, sharing with readers the experiences of grief, joy, and belief among Medieval families. A stunning work which illuminates a rarely studied subject, The Rescue of the Innocents is important reading for anyone wishing to learn about the Middle Ages.