Tariff, Trade and European Integration, 1947-57

Brusse, Wendy Asbeek
Date published: 
August 1997

Wendy Asbeek Brusse provides us with the first comprehensive, multinational reconstruction of the commercial policy origins of European integration. Based on archival sources of six countries, Tariffs, Trade and European Integration, 1947-57 shows that the creation of the common market can only be fully understood if one takes into account its economic underpinning. Immediately after World War II, European countries were continuously searching for economic stability, welfare, and commercial disarmament, but existing international markets could not satisfy their aspirations. Only by reaching novel solutions did they finally bring the trade wars of the 1930s to an end and lay the foundations for the European Union. Offering a wide-ranging analysis of the roots of economic fusion in Europe, Tariffs, Trade and European Integration is an essential resource for anyone seeking to understand the political economics of the region.