The Noblest Triumph

Property and Prosperity through the Ages
Bethell, Tom
Date published: 
August 1998

A contributing editor from the American Spectator looks at an individual's right to own private property in a sweeping history that is destined to become a classic.Every day, we witness the further encroachment of governments upon our rights as property owners. Whether it's the need to obtain a permit to build a garage or the loss of farmland to protected wildlife preserves, the ability of a person to completely control what he or she owns is increasingly eroded. But what gives us the right to own and control private property, secure from the intrusion of others? In The Noblest Triumph, Tom Bethell looks at the history of property rights and considers the basis of our claim. Beginning with the ancient Greeks and working his way up to the present day, Bethell looks at basic ideas from Plato, Smith, Blackstone, Bentham, Marx, Mill and others about the right to own property and the way it is inextricably bound to concepts of justice and liberty. The Noblest Triumph: Property and Prosperity Through the Ages is an indispensable book that gives readers the right to say, 'this is mine'.