Final Solution

Nazi Population Policy and the Murder of the European Jews
Aly, Goetz
Date published: 
January 1999

How did it come about that a modern European State in the middle of the twentieth century planned and carried out the industrially organised mass murder of six million Jews, male and female, adults and children? Making extensive use of Russian, German and Polish archives, Aly provides the most exact and detailed reconstruction of the 'Final Solution' yet achieved. As well as looking at the ideological imperative in the Nazi state to 'solve the Jewish question' and at Hitler's own role, Aly investigates the actions of those running the Reich Security Headquarters in Berlin and of those numerous lesser figures on the ground who were in the eye of the storm, grappling with the planning failures inherent in Nazi resettlement plans and experiencing mounting difficulties in trying to be rid of 'their' Jews. Aly illustrates, through the evidence he builds into an overall mosaic, the lunacy of Nazi race policy, and the variety of agencies that went into the gradual shaping of a policy of all-out genocide.