German History since 1800

Fulbrook, Mary
Date published: 
August 1997

In 1800, there was no 'Germany' as we think of a unitary nation state today. Still nominally held together under the framework of the Holy Roman Empire, its political shape and boundaries were in a state of flux. In the following two centuries, Germany went through massive transformations. With its apparently belated unification, its slide from democracy into dictatorship and the unparalleled atrocities of the Nazi period, its extraordinary division into two opposing states in the Cold War and its subsequent reunification, modern German history has aroused virulent debate. An international team of distinguished scholars has collaborated to produce an innovative and accessible guide to the controversial course of modern German history. Exploring the main issues in social, economic, cultural and political history, 'German History Since 1800' reflects the diversity and liveliness of the field. Using a wealth of tables, maps and illustrations, it provides points of entry to key issues for students and scholars alike. Presented within a clear chronological framework, this is an excellent introduction to the principal developments, providing fresh and interesting perspectives on key topics and periods.