Early Modern Europe

Collins, James B.
Taylor, Karen
Date published: 
September 2005

This collection brings together original and influential recent work in the field of early modern European history. It provides a thought-provoking overview of current thinking on this period, demonstrating that history is a dynamic process of interpretation. The book is structured around six major themes: evolving early modern identities, treated within a global context; changes in religion and cultural life; the revolution of the mind; roles of women in early modern societies; the rise of the modern state; and research paradigms. Each of the six sections contains an introduction by the editors, discussing the significance of the topic and the history of its interpretation; five or six essays are then followed by a “debate” juxtaposing two competing interpretations on a particular theme. Noteworthy features of the collection include an article translated into English for the first time and the incorporation of new scholarship on Eastern and Central Europe.