Alexander the Great in his World

Date published: 
April 2006

Alexander the Great is one of the most well known figures of classical antiquity. In this book, Carol G. Thomas places this powerful figure within the context of his time, place, culture, and ancestry in order to discover what influences shaped his life and career. Beginning with his early life in Macedonia, this text examines individual influences including Alexander’s father, King Philip II, and mother, Olympias. It traces his royal Argead ancestry and examines its effects on his development. The book also examines Alexander’s engagement with Greek culture, especially his relationship with Aristotle, and contemplates how other societal factors such as his military role in the highly militarized Macedonian kingdom, contributed to his achievement. Was it Alexander’s influences or his departure from them that distinguished him? This volume considers this question as it explores the ancient landscapes and resurrecting key figures from antiquity as it brings to life a dynamic portrait of Alexander the Great.