The Dress of the Venetians, 1495–1525

Newton, Stella Mary
Date published: 
January 1989

Tracing the development of Venetian fashion and their appearance in contemporary works of art, this book discusses the unique attitude of the Venetian Republic to the dress of its patricians, its citizens and its women, as well as to the dress of foreigners. It relies extensively on the views of the Senate on dress, and considers Venice's contempt for the current fashions in the rest of Italy. There is also a discussion of the position of the tailors of Venice and their methods of work as well as an invaluable appendix detailing the textiles then in use at the time.

This book is essential to students and teachers of the history of art, the history of dress and the theatre as well as to those interested in Venetian social life during the period covered, and in Italian renaissance studies.