Érasme dans son miroir et dans son sillage

Margolin, Jean-Claude
Date published: 
January 1987

This is the second of two collections of articles by Professor Margolin, and centres on Erasmus himself; the previous volume - Erasme: le prix des mots et de l'homme -concentrated on the sources he drew upon, his use of language and his ideals. The first articles here present profiles of three different facets of Erasmus' personality as revealed in his writings, for instance in his views on old age. The following ones illustrate and examine the many differing ways in which Erasmus has been interpreted by others, from his own time, as seen through the eyes of the Greek diplomat and traveller, Nicander of Corfu, up to Huizinga in the present century. They show how each person who has studied, translated, or been inspired by Erasmus, conditioned by their own outlooks and convictions, has highlighted a particular aspect or put forward a particular interpretation of his personality, his religious beliefs or his works - even to the extent, in 18th-century Germany, of seeking to assimilate his views with those of his old adversary, Luther.