Autour de la France capétienne

Personnages et Institutions
Fawtier, Robert
Fawtier Stone, Jeanne C.
Date published: 
June 1987

The late Robert Fawtier was known in particular for his masterly studies and editions of sources on the history of France under its Capetian rulers, especially Philip the Fair. This collection brings together the majority of his articles dealing with that period. After a bibliography of Fawtier’s works, there comes a group of historiographical studies and one on ecclesiastical topics and the papacy. The third section turns to the monarchy and the political and institutional history of France in the 12th-14th centuries. The articles display Fawtier’s unusual ability at handling detailed - and unpromising - sources, for instance, the royal accounts, and his skill at bringing them to life, revealing the people behind the institutions, and explaining their wider significance.