British Anatomy 1525–1800: A Bibliography

Russell, Kenneth F.
Date published: 
January 1987

This is a revised and expanded edition of a work published in 1963 and now out of print which for many years has been regarded as a standard reference on the subject. It covers the full range of books on human anatomy by British authors published in Britain, America and the Continent in all languages and editions during the period 1525–1800.

It also includes the works of European authors translated into English or printed in Britain in their original language. Over nine hundred items are listed and wherever possible a description is given of the original manuscript or such manuscripts as are related to the printed text. Unusual or association copies have been noted, but in general only the copy examined has been located.

An historical introduction precedes the bibliography and an index of authors, printers, artists and libraries is provided, together with a short note on anatomical museums.

No study of the history of a nation's contribution to anatomy can be made without a knowledge of the books available to its workers at any period, and of the books which its own anatomists in turn produced. A national bibliography such as this has an added international flavour, for the work of foreign authors must appear in it either in translation or in their original language and therefore, over the centuries, a large amount of the best work of foreign workers must slowly be absorbed into the general pattern of a nation's literature on the subject. In turn the best work of the recipient nation will be taken into the framework of anatomy in foreign countries.