The Inevitable Alliance

Europe and the United States Beyond Iraq
Parsi, Vittorio Emanuele
Date published: 
June 2006

In this book, Parsi defends American foreign policy for its current understanding of the 'new world disorder,' despite expressing his concern over the unilateralism shown by the present U.S. administration. While he does not fully discount the role of Europe's foreign policy elite, Parsi nonetheless criticizes the policymakers of the 'old Europe' for their lack of vision and the inconsistency of their 'pacifism' in the lead-up to the war in Iraq. In contrast, Parsi applauds both British Prime Minister Tony Blair for being 'ethically responsible' and the stand taken by Poland. Parsi remains optimistic about the relationship between the United States and Europe and argues that as both sides remember the transcendental values that unite them, it will grow stronger.