50 Years a Keynesian and Other Essays

Harcourt, G.C.
Date published: 
March 2006

In the title essay of this classic collection, the author reviews retrospectively his developing ideas on theory and policy since he first encountered Keynes's writings in 1950. The essays in section one are concerned with Keynes now, specifically the coming back into favour of his most fundamental ideas. Sections two and three contain intellectual biographies and shorter tributes to economists, most of whom were friends and colleagues of the author. Section four covers three review articles of the Feiwell volumes on Joan Robinson, fifty years of NBER and Nicholas Kaldor's last book. Section five is a survey of Post-Keynesian thought. Section six, General Essays, starts with a paper written in 1980 as a passionate reaction to the worldwide rise of monetarism and new classical macroeconomics theories and policies and closes with an essay on the Cambridge contribution to economics.