Brief History of Ancient Astrology

Beck, Roger
Date published: 
October 2006

A Brief History of Ancient Astrology explores the theory and practice of astrology from Babylon to ancient Greece and Rome. While recognizing the modern dichotomy between science and superstition, Roger Beck acknowledges the historical symbiosis between astrology and astronomy as it existed in the ancient world. This book explains the ancient understanding of the zodiac and its twelve signs, the seven planets, and the fixed circle of places against which the signs and planets revolve. Using actual ancient horoscopes and handbooks, the author demonstrates how to construct and interpret a horoscope in the ancient manner. The book also discusses the sociopolitical and cultural impact of astrology on the Graeco-Roman world. The author addresses the relevance of ancient astrology today, presenting it not as a predictive art, but as a medium for telling stories about our world and the human condition.