Julius Caesar in Western Culture

Wyke, Maria
Date published: 
February 2006

Julius Caesar is not only the most famous Roman of them all. He has also been surprisingly relevant in many different periods, for many different societies and people. Edited by a leading expert on the reception of ancient Rome, this interdisciplinary volume examines Caesar's role in Western culture across a wide chronological range and diverse media. Ranging over the fields of religious, military, and political history, archaeology, architecture and urban planning, the visual arts, and literary, film, theatre and cultural studies, contributors examine the Caesars of Italy, France, Germany, Britain, and the United States. Their objects of analysis extend from Caesar's own commentaries on the Gallic wars composed in the 50s BC through Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, on to images of Caesar in twentieth-century Italian fascist popular culture right up to contemporary cinema's Caesar and 21st century debates about American empire.