Africa and the West

A Documentary History Volume 2, From Colonialism to Independence, 1875 to the Present
Worger, William H.
Clark, Nancy L.
Alpers, Edward A.
Date published: 
January 2010

This is a new (paperback) edition of the one-volume Africa and the West: A Documentary History from the Slave Trade to Independence (Oryx/Greenwood, 2001, $119.95). This second volume will be divided into two sections: Colonialism and Its Critics and The Contradictions of Post-Colonial Independence. This new edition uses all of the documents in the first edition, taken from both African and European sources, and adds some 20 pages of additional documents to cover the most recent developments. Some documents are the expected types, such as the Natives Land Act from South Africa, Mandela's 'No Easy Walk to Freedom,' and Nkrumah on pan-Africanism; others are more unusual, such as a German school examination for African children. Many of the sources have not previously appeared in print, or in books readily available to students. The authors have provided a detailed table of contents in place of impressionistic and often uninformative chapter titles; expanded the bibliography; added a list of websites for African historical resources; and added a few new maps. The book will provide a unique resource both for African history survey courses and for topical courses on imperialism, colonialism, economic history, and East-West relations.