Peshawar: City on the Frontier

Book 1: Pashawar: Past and Present, Book 2: Miscellaneous Articles
Salim, Ahmad
Date published: 
July 2008

Book 1 of this volume is an account of the archaeological and historical sites with which Peshawar is studied, including those of the Gandhara (Buddhist) period, and in particular, monuments of the Muslim, Sikh, and British times. This book was originally compiled to provide a connected and continuous, historical and archaeological account of these sites, many of which were not mentioned, or elaborated upon, in publications of the time, such as the Gazetteer of the Peshawar District , the voluminous Tarikh-i-Peshawar , and Annual Reports of the Archeological Survey of India. Book 2 is a collection of five different articles of historical and archaeological interest. The articles describe important royal documents of the Mughal period, and give a brief history of Peshawar.