Lectures on art subjects
Suhrawrdy, Shahid
Date published: 
February 2009

This book introduces us to the world cultural scene of the 1930s in all three aspects, art, theatre, and literature as well as traversing centuries of tradition. One of the pioneers of Art criticism in South Asia, Shahid Suhrawardy, a linguist, among other accomplishments, offers a first hand study of the contemporary cultural scene as he saw it. This book contains many insights which make post-war cultural trends comprehensible to the reader of our times. This slim volume covers a wide array of topics, all important, all relevant, including one of the earliest critiques of Jamini Roy. The attractive volume will continue to fascinate new generations of readers. Since it is a reprint, it is more a reminder of the valuable scholarship that has been presented in the past and that we have, over time, neglected. It is compelling reading, and quite accessible. It would be useful to all scholars of Indian Art and Culture and Art students.