Towards Freedom

Documents on the Movement for Independence in India 1939 Part II
Hasan, Mushirul
Date published: 
August 2008

This volume, part of the Towards Freedom series, contains primary sources and archival documents related to the year 1939. The first part which has now been published systematically covered in four chapters, different aspects of the history of British - the governments of the 1937 elections, the role of India in World War II, the role of Congress or the State People's Conference, and the developments in Princely India. This second part covers the other political developments of the fundamental to the year 1939-the workers' struggles and strikes in different parts of India, elections to various congress committees; activities of the Left parties, organizations, and blocks; and the communal and sectarian politics of the time. In the introduction to the volume, Mushirul Hasan provides the context of this part of the volume and provides the contours of the documents.