The Greatest Victory

Canada's One Hundred Days, 1918
Granatstein, J. L.
Date published: 
August 2014
Hardback |c c |d

Award-winning historian J.L. Granatstein here recounts the successful Canadian-led attacks in the final days of World War 1 that took the Allies to victory in November 1918. Canada's participation in this campaign, leading successful and well-coordinated attacks along the Western Front on Amiens, the Drocourt-Quéant line, the Canal du Nord, Valenciennes and Mons was one of the greatest contribution of any nation to the defeat of Imperial Germany. It was also the greatest battle Canada has ever fought. Granatstein's account of these events is gripping and fast-paced, unflinchingly illuminated by often surprising and unexpected detail (Canadians, for example, were among the heaviest users of gas warfare). This remarkably well-written book contains a wealth of both colour and black and white illustrations, including some that have never before been published.