War in Late Antiquity

Lee, A.D.
Date published: 
July 2007

War in Late Antiquity is the first book to focus on the social impact of warfare and the Roman army from the third to the early seventh century AD. Drawing on the rich and varied source materials for the period, Doug Lee investigates how the prominence of the army and of military affairs in Late Antiquity affected the broader political, economic, and social life of the Roman Empire. From the third century onwards, the Roman Empire was exposed to much more serious military threats than it had faced for centuries. This social history explores the implications of these changed circumstances for all aspects of Roman life, and assesses the experience of war by both combatants and non-combatants. Lee also examines the interplay between the military and the religious upheavals of the period, with special reference to the Christianisation of the Roman army and its role in implementing religious policy. Approaching familiar subjects from new perspectives, War in Late Antiquity offers novel insights into many facets of late Roman history.