Christian Mission

A Brief History
Robert, Dana
Date published: 
February 2009

The Gospels record that Christ commanded his disciples to go forth and teach all nations. Thus began the history of Christian mission, a phenomenon that many say reflects the single most important movement of intercultural encounter over a sustained period of human history. Although often stereotyped as a shameful aspect of European colonialism, Christian missions nevertheless brought about massive shifts in the nature of Christianity, which by the twenty-first century had become a religion largely practised outside the west. To understand Christianity as a global movement, therefore, it is essential to study the role of mission - defined as the transmission of the Gospel across cultures. This illuminating book provides a brief history of Christian missions and their relationship to the current globalization of Christianity. Erudite and enlightening, it explores the 2,000 years of mission history with attention paid to topics such as the meaning of the missionary through history, gender and missions, and missions in culture and politics. Christian Mission is an inspirational and invaluable resource to broaden our understanding of the nature of Christianity as a multicultural world religion.