On the far Western front

Dehne, Philip
Date published: 
November 2009

This book uncovers a forgotten campaign of the First World War, the fight to dominate South America. Propelled by the fear of British businessmen, Britain created a complex economic war against local Germans, with the aim of permanently overturning German dominance in lucrative avenues of international trade. By utilizing archives in Britain and South America, Dehne produces a lively account of the way the campaign was conducted on both sides of the Atlantic. This book will persuade anyone interested in the First World War that the conflict must be examined beyond the battlefields of Europe. It comprises a significant contribution to the new field of the history of globalization, and it will appeal to anyone interested in the economic, diplomatic, and imperial history of the twentieth century. Suggesting new reasons for the emergence of anti-foreign populism in South American states, it will also be of interest to Latin American history students.