Ireland, India and empire

O'Malley, Kate
Date published: 
October 2009

Offering a fresh new perspective on the history of the end of Empire, with the Irish and Indian independence movements as its focus, this book details how each country's nationalist agitators engaged with each other and exchanged ideas. Using previously unpublished sources from the Indian Political Intelligence collection, it chronicles the rise and fall of movements such as the Indian-Irish Independence League and the League Against Imperialism, whose histories have, until now, remained deeply hidden in the archives. O'Malley also highlights opaque aspects of the careers of popular figures from both Irish and Indian history including Subhas Chandra Bose, Jawaharlal Nehru, Eamon de Valera and Maud Gonne McBride at points when their paths crossed. This book encompasses aspects of Irish, Indian, British, Imperial and intelligence history and will be of interest to students, teachers and general history enthusiasts alike.