Transcultural encounters

Visualising France and the Maghreb in contemporary art
Shilton, Siobhán
Date published: 
April 2013

This book explores Franco-Maghrebi crossings in contemporary art, giving particular attention to performance, video, photography and installation. The first book to focus on postcolonial approaches to art in France and the wider French-speaking world, this study examines new – and distinctively visual – means of presenting diversely transnational identities. Drawing on visual studies and postcolonial studies (both Francophone and Anglophone), it is driven by the following key questions: how do works of art exploring Franco-Maghrebi identities utilise features specific to the media of performance, video, photography and installation? How do such works of art spur a re-thinking of both postcolonial and feminist issues and critical terms in an uneven globalised Francophone frame? How do they develop art historical debates concerning gender and corporeal representation in their response to issues arising from specific French and Maghrebi cultures? How do these works test the boundaries of established art genres, calling for new modalities of ‘reading’ transnational visual culture? The book will be of interest to students and lecturers in French studies, postcolonial studies, visual studies and gender studies, as well as curators and artists working across cultures and media.