Challenging times, challenging administration

The role of public administration in producing social justice in Ireland
McInerney, Chris
Date published: 
April 2014

The role of public administration and social justice is an area long overlooked in Ireland and more broadly in Europe, though it is somewhat more developed in the USA. This book addresses that gap and presents an original work, drawing on a broad range of conceptual material as well as empirical experiences in Ireland. It focuses on the role of the administrative system as a social justice actor in its own right, with its own dispositions and value systems. In taking this approach the book establishes a conceptual and practical justification for public administration to be proactive in pursuing social justice outcomes. The book is relevant not only to those studying public administration but also to those interested in social policy and social justice. It will be of benefit both to academics in these areas as well as to students at undergraduate and postgraduate level, policy makers and civil society groups.