Myth, Rulership, Church and Charters

Essays in Honour of Nicholas Brooks
Barrow, Julia
Wareham, Andrew
Date published: 
May 2008

This volume brings together a number of essays written by leading scholars in the field of early medieval English history. Focusing on three specific themes, myths, charters and warfare, each contribution presents a balance of both sources and interpretations. Furthermore they also link up with each other, since warfare was the predominant theme in Anglo-Saxon myth, while charters are an important source for military organisation and can also, for example through the information they supply on place names, shed light on belief and cult. Several of the contributions take a wider perspective, looking at later interpretations of the Anglo-Saxon past, both in the Anglo-Norman and more modern periods.In all, the volume makes a significant addition to the study of Anglo-Saxon England, showing how seemingly unrelated topics can be used to shed light on other areas.