The Ashgate Research Companion to Modern Imperial Histories

Levine, Philippa
Marriott, John
Date published: 
June 2012

Taking a broad, comparative approach to imperial experiences, this volume provides an authoritative survey of the latest research into the histories of modern empires. The focus is on the era of modern imperial history dating approximately from the early sixteenth century to the present. Such a periodization enables the volume to include the European experience of imperial expansion and settlement, important historical experiences outside the west such as those of Russia, Japan and China, the collapse of European empires attendant on decolonization in the post World War II period, and the contemporary example of North America. The Companion is divided into three sections, 'Times', 'Spaces' and 'Themes' which allows chronological, geographical and thematical approaches to be successfully combined. In so doing this volume provides a unique research tool that will be invaluable to all students and scholars interested in the history of empires, imperialism and colonialism in the post-classical world.