Introduction to the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt

Bard, Kathryn A.
Date published: 
August 2007

Tutankhamen. Looted pyramids of ancient kings. The Valley of the Kings. Few civilizations excite the imagination like that of ancient Egypt. Yet, to date, there has been no comprehensive introduction to Egyptian archaeology.This skillfully organized book guides the reader from Egypt's prehistoric past through the pharaonic dynasties and the Greco-Roman Period by providing an overview of ancient Egyptian culture, its monuments, and civilization. The text is enriched by more than 120 color and black and white illustrations, including artifacts, maps, and site and building plans. This captivating book also includes special sections on such topics of perennial interest as building the pyramids at Giza, mummification, and deciphering hieroglyphs. Covering Egyptian chronology, language, geography, specific archaeological sites, and the history of Egyptology, An Introduction to the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt is an invaluable resource to students and interested lay people alike.