Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization

Kurian, George Thomas
Date published: 
December 2009

The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization is a uniquely comprehensive reference work on the history and impact of Christianity. Over 1,450 entries provide an in-depth and dynamic look at Christianity both through its history and the way it has shaped societies around the world. Through a clear and attractive format, a series of interlocking major themes is explored, including: key theological ideas; global and regional history; worship; society and Christianity; literature; music; art; architecture; education; politics; law, and scholarship. Uniting these themes is an understanding of Christianity as a truly global phenomenon with strong denominational and regional identities. The entries are written by a team of over 350 leading scholars and teachers from over 24 countries. Together they present the best of current research in a clear, concise, and attractive format. Breathtaking in scope, The Encyclopedia of Christian Civilization is an essential reference for students, researchers, academics, and practitioners.