Sources and Debates in English History

Key, Newton
Bucholz, R.O.
Date published: 
January 2009

Designed to accompany the survey text Early Modern England, 1485-1714: a Narrative History, this updated and substantially revised sourcebook guides students through an impressive array of documents from the Tudor-Stuart period. The new edition is enhanced with 50 new documents, and new explanatory headnotes, biographical background, and study questions. Each chapter includes a Historians’ Debates bibliography with the latest articles and essays as well as a section listing additional source collections, both of which help students engage in further reading and directed research. The sources selected illuminate important topics of the era, including political and religious revolutions, social and economic transformations, and intellectual ferment. New documents include foreign visitors' impressions of England, documents from Elizabethan London, confessions of a murderess and of a witch, an attack on and a defence of sectarian society from the 1640s, and an early feminist discussion of marriage, as well as new sources on Ireland and Scotland before the Civil Wars and after the Glorious Revolution. There is also an expanded and revised bibliography of online document archives, and plates with explanatory captions with study questions for each chapter. Sources and Debates in English History: 1485-1714 presents a range of carefully selected materials from different media and sets them in context for students, who need no prior knowledge of English history.