Twenty Years of the Journal of Historical Sociology Volume 2

Wong, Yoke-Sum
Sayer, Derek
Date published: 
April 2008

This two-volume anthology represents the range of articles published in the Journal of Historical Sociology over the last twenty years. These essays, debates and responses by internationally distinguished historians, sociologists, anthropologists and geographers as well as by pioneering newer scholars have been influential in challenging and redefining the field of historical sociology. Spanning a range of issues and topics that combine rich empirical scholarship with sophisticated theoretical engagement, they bring together the very best of the JHS. The first volume includes key articles on the British state by sociologists and historians and the second volume challenges the nature of undertaking interdisciplinary work within history and the social sciences. Together, both volumes contribute to the sustained and coherent engagement of history and the social sciences in Britain and elsewhere.
Volume 2 is a wide exploration of the historiographical, taking us beyond Europe and often highlighting unconventional approaches to the disciplines. It is essential reading for academics and students within the social sciences including historical sociology, anthropology and politics.