International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest

1500 to the Present
Ness, Immanuel
Date published: 
March 2009

This definitive 8-volume reference is a comprehensive print and electronic resource covering the history of protest and revolution over the past 500 years - throughout the modern era of mass movements. From the rebellion against the Peasant's Revolt in Bolivia to the Taiping Uprising in China, and from the Enlightenment-inspired revolutions in Europe and America to the anti-colonial revolts of Pancho Villa and the Mau Mau, it covers every major revolution that has altered societies or changed the course of history on a local, regional, national, and international scale. It presents major uprisings and protest movements, and the ideas, ideologies and activists that propelled them, chronicles the manner in which they unfolded, traces their roots, goals, tactics, and influence, and evaluates their successes and failures. No other reference examines in such detail or with such breadth the revolts and popular uprisings, large and small, that have transformed our world.