Russia, America and the Cold War

McCauley, Martin
Date published: 
July 2008

The conflict between Russia and America shaped the world for over four decades. Both were universalist powers - they wanted every country in the world to copy their model of government and economy. They could not rest until the other side had been vanquished, and until the mid-1980s this included the prospect of nuclear war. This revised second edition of the best-selling book is essential reading for all students of twentieth century history. In a new edition of one of the best-selling books in the Seminar Studies in History Series, Martin McCauley looks at the epic struggle between the two superpowers that put everyone in danger. In a clear and accessible manner, the book gives a succinct summary of the main turning points in the conflict, looks at how the whole world was sucked into the Cold War, shows how the arms race eventually bankrupted Russia, and discusses whether or not America and Russia have learnt anything from this confrontation. This revised second edition of the best selling book contains a Glossary, Chronology and Who's Who of key figures.