Origins of the Cold War 1941-49

McCauley, Martin
Date published: 
July 2008

Origins of the Cold War covers the formative years of the extraordinary struggle between the two superpowers, the Soviet Union and the United States. In a clear and concise manner, Martin McCauley explains how the Cold War originated and developed and unravels some of the complex issues that gave rise to the Cold War. The book explores questions such as: who was responsible for the Cold War? Was it inevitable or could it have been avoided? Was Stalin genuinely interested in a post-war agreement? This third edition is revised, updated and expanded with new material on areas such as the KGB and spying, and the contribution of intelligence to Stalin's picture of the world. The introduction looks at our perceptions of the Cold War, the various approaches that have been adopted for reviewing the Cold War and the difficulties of developing a theory of the Cold War. The book incorporates the most recent scholarship, theories and newly-released information to provide students with an invaluable introduction to the subject.