The Indian papers of the Rt. Hon. Charles John, Earl Canning

Governor-General (1856-1858 and Viceroy (1858-1862)
Gould, William
Date published: 
December 2006

The papers of the Right Honourable Charles John, Earl Canning (1812-1862) who, from 1856 until his death, was the last governor general appointed before the rule of the East India Company passed to the British crown in 1858, whereupon he became India's first viceroy. One of the chief factors precipitating this transfer of power was the 'Indian Mutiny'. The impact of this uprising, which began in May 1857 and ended in June of the following year, and the policies adopted in response are among the many subjects comprehensively covered at both the national and provincial level in this monumental collection. Contents include: civil letters, military letters, volumes of minutes, unbound official letters, papers from the private secretary's and military secretary's offices, papers for 1858-1859 relating to the North West Provinces; and miscellaneous private papers relating to India.