Papers of the Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies (Darien Company), 1694-1709

from the National Library of Scotland
Date published: 
June 2009
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The Company of Scotland Trading to Africa and the Indies was created by Act of the Scots Parliament on 26 June 1695. The bulk of these papers date from 1696 through to 1707, including copies of the general journals for the Company, the collection also contains certain miscellaneous documents which antedate by two years the legal incorporation of the Company, and others that span the period of its dissolution up to 1709. The quality and variety of financial documents and in the amount of correspondence are remarkable, the bulk dating from the initial period to 1700, culminating in the return of survivors from the second disastrous expedition to Darien. Among the former category are numerous subscription books, dating from 1696. In addition there are account books, detailed cash books and receipts, trading ledgers and promissory notes, the book of the Company's storekeeper at the port in Leith, together with lists of goods shipped. The minute books and journals of the principal of the Company's committees also survive: the committee for improvements, for equipping ships, the board of directors in Glasgow.