The Crompton papers

Crompton, Gerald
Date published: 
December 2009
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'This collection contains the correspondence and papers of Samuel Crompton, including the survey of spindles versus handlooms produced in 1811 for the ill-fated petition to Parliament on the patent for the Mule. It sheds light on the impact the invention had on textile manufacture during the Industrial Revolution, as well as on the parliamentary lobbying process in the early 19th century. The archive also covers his family and spiritual life, ranging from household accounts to his active membership of the New Jerusalem Church, founded by Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772), and details of the transportation of goods within England and for shipment to foreign ports.
As well as numerous genealogical documents on Crompton, and claims of descent, contained within the latter series of this fonds are the papers of the inventor's eponymous grandson (1817-1891). These latter provide a rare insight into how Victorians sought to commemorate the lives and achievements of famous people.
From the Bolton Archive and Local Studies Service.
Accompanied by an introduction by Geoffrey Timmins (, with an exhaustive listing of contents on the Access to Archives website (
Summary contents: reel 1: ZCR/1-25; reel 2: ZCR/26-60; reel 3: ZCR/61-81; reel 4: ZCR/82-100; reel 5: ZCR/101-103.'