Australasia and Pacific

Gender and Conversion Narratives in the Nineteenth Century
(2015) Ashgate Publishing, 9781472449238 Hardback £70
Migration to New Worlds
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New Zealand's empire
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Insanity, identity and empire
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Little Britons? Irish and New Zealand children in the Great War.
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Theses in progress
The Australian economic revolution: change and continuity in the wake of the Second World War.
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Theses in progress
Newspaperman and goldfields entrepreneur in Wales and Australia (George Hall, 1855-1915).
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Theses in progress
Preventing 'unsound minds' from populating the British world: Australasian immigration control and 'mental illness', 1830s-1920s.
Kain, Jennifer, Ph.D. (2012), Northumbria (MacRaild, Don) in progress
Theses in progress
Cracks in the Great White Walls: managing race, gender and nation in New Zealand's empire-state, 1914-39.
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Theses in progress
Science at sea: the conduct of science in South Pacific voyaging, c.1838-50.
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Theses in progress
Free or unfree labour: the British empire and the establishment of the Swan River Colony.
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Theses in progress
New Zealand in a 'Pacific age': (mis) managing mandates in a sea of imperial internationalism, 1914-34.
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Theses in progress
Island chains: a spatial history of Australian convict islands.
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Theses in progress
The Royal Navy and colonial collecting in Australia, c.1820-70.
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Theses in progress
Community survival and revival after deindustrialisation in Australia and the United Kingdom.
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Theses in progress
Reading places: the British navy and the understanding of Pacific regions in the 19th century.
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Theses in progress
The creation and reception of William Westall's Admiralty oil paintings, derived from his voyage in H.M.S. Investigator, 1801-3.
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Theses in progress
Crime and policing: Dublin, Brisbane and London, 1850s-1900.
Dukova, Anastasia, Ph.D. (2010), Trinity College Dublin (University of Dublin) (Dickson, David) in progressRepublic of Ireland record
Theses in progress
Turning the 'wilderness' into a 'flowering garden': exploring the survival of Cape Bedford Mission, far North Queensland, 1887-1909.
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New evidence on the development of Australian refugee policy, 1976-83.
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The order of the empire: the Knights of Labor in Britain, Australia and New Zealand, 1880-1900.
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Criminal justice, race and gender in the colonial south-west Pacific, 1880-1920.
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Preventing ‘unsound minds’ from populating the British World: Australasian immigration control and mental illness 1830s-1920s
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Australia Circumnavigated
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Ruán O'Donnell
University of Limerick, Department of History
Research interests: Modern Irish, European and Australian history; the United Irishmen; imperialism; Irish revolutionary movements.Republic of Ireland record
Professor Ged Martin
Adjunct Prof. of History, National University of Ireland, Galway, Department of History
Research interests: Australian, British, British imperial, Canadian, Irish and New Zealand history from the late 18th to the 20th c.; career of Sir John A. Macdonald (1815-91), first prime minister of Canada; British-Canadian relations and the intellectual origins of Canadian Confederation (1867).Republic of Ireland record
Professor Deborah J. Oxley
Prof. of Soc. Sc. History, Oxford, All Souls College
Research interests: Height and health in history; micro-economics of the household; penal transportation to Australia; coercive labour systems; colonial Australian development; crime and punishment in Britain and Ireland.
Professor John G. Darwin
Prof. of Global and Imp. History, Oxford, Nuffield College
Research interests: Theories of empire since *c*.1500; the British Empire as an international system 1830-1960; South African, Canadian and New Zealand history; decolonisation and the end of empire.
Dr. E. Kent Fedorowich
Assoc. Prof., West of England, Bristol, School of History
Research interests: Empire migration 1919-39; PoWs in World War II; Anglo-dominion relations.
Dr. Jonathan M. Wooding
Sen. Lecturer, Trinity St. David, School of Theology, Religious Studies and Islamic Studies
Research interests: Monasticism; Celtic Christianity; Catholic Church in 19th c. Australia.