Administrative history

Professor John Bennet
Prof. of Aegean Archaeol., Sheffield, Department of Archaeology
Research interests: Minoan and Mycenaean culture of late bronze age Aegean; archaeology and history of Crete; early writing and administrative systems; diachronic regional studies; Ottoman Greece.
Professor Jill D. Harries
Prof. of Anc. History, p/t, Saint Andrews, Department of Ancient History and Church History
Research interests: Late Roman Gaul: law and society; rise of Christianity.
Professor Patrick L. Williams
Emeritus Prof. of Spanish History, Sch. of Lang., Portsmouth, School of Language and Area Studies
Research interests: Conciliar government in Habsburg Spain.
Professor Martyn Bennett
Prof. of Early Mod. History, Nottingham Trent, Department of History and Heritage
Research interests: Formation and social, cultural and political development of the nations of the British Isles, $c$.1590-1689; Oliver Cromwell.
Professor David Saunders
Prof., Newcastle upon Tyne, School of Historical Studies
Research interests: Russian and Ukrainian history, esp. society, politics, historiography and ethnic relations.
Professor David L. d'Avray
Prof. of History, London: University College, Department of History
Research interests: Medieval marriage preaching; medieval papacy.
Professor Peter G. Robb
Prof. of History of India, London: School of Oriental and African Studies, Department of History
Research interests: Rural India 18th-20th c.: law; surveys; economy.
Professor N. Boris Rankov
Prof. of Anc. History, London: Royal Holloway University of London, Department of Classics
Research interests: Praetorian guard; Athenian trireme.
Professor George W. Jones
Prof. of Govt., London: London School of Economics, Department of Government
Research interests: Prime ministers' advisory networks.
Professor Janet M. Hartley
Prof. of Int. History, London: London School of Economics, Department of International History
Research interests: Social history of Russia $c$.1650-1825.
Professor Arthur Burns
Prof. of History, London: King's College, Department of History
Research interests: Reform of Church of England early/mid 19th c.; church parties; reform; clergy.
Professor Julian Swann
Prof. of History, London: Birkbeck College, Department of History
Research interests: Estates General of Burgundy 1661-1790.
Dr. Fiona Pogson
Sen. Lecturer, Liverpool Hope, Department of Politics and History
Research interests: Early Stuart political and administrative history.
Professor Keith D.M. Snell
Prof. of Rural and Cultural History, Leicester, Centre for English Local History
Research interests: Cultural and agrarian history.
Dr. Alex Metcalfe
Sen. Lecturer in History, Lancaster, Department of History
Research interests: Social, administrative and linguistic history of the medieval Middle East and Mediterranean; Islam.
Dr. David I. Grummitt
Sen. Lecturer, Kent at Canterbury, School of History
Research interests: Political, administrative and military history of late medieval and early Tudor England.
Professor David B. Crouch
Prof. of Med. History, Hull, Department of History
Research interests: 12th-13th c. aristocracy; 12th c. political history; reign of King Stephen.
Professor Timothy J. Thornton
Prof. and Pro Vice-Chancellor, Huddersfield, Division of History
Research interests: Palatinates of Chester and Durham; Isle of Man; Channel Islands; prophecy.
Professor David C. Braund
Prof. of Mediterranean and Black Sea History, Exeter, Classics and Ancient History
Professor Carole Hillenbrand
Emeritus Prof. of Islamic History, Edinburgh, Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies
Research interests: Medieval Islamic history; Sufism; historiography; political thought; history of Middle East 1050-1150.
Dr. Julian Goodare
Reader in Scot. History, Edinburgh, Scottish History
Research interests: Government, finance and politics in early modern Scotland; the witch hunt in Scotland and Europe.
Professor Judith A. Green
Emeritus Prof. of Med. History, Edinburgh, School of History, Classics and Archaeology
Research interests: English history 11th and 12th c.; Ducal Normandy and the Normans; history of medieval women.
Professor Ewen A. Cameron
Sir William Fraser Prof. of Scot. History and Palaeography, Edinburgh, Scottish History
Research interests: Scottish history 18th-20th c., esp. 20th c.; Scotland and Ireland, esp. 19th c..
Dr. Christopher D. Storrs
Reader, Dundee, Department of History
Research interests: Early modern history, esp. Spain, Italy and Portugal; international relations; war; state formation; diplomacy; nobility.
Professor John R. Fisher
Prof. of Mod. History and Latin-American Stud., Liverpool, Inst. of Latin American Stud.
Research interests: Spanish imperial policy; Peru 18th-19th c..
Dr. Jamie Wood
Lecturer in History, Lincoln, Department of Humanities
Research interests: Identity; pedagogy; historiography; violence.
Professor Neil Rollings
Prof. of Econ. and Business History, Glasgow, Department of Economic and Social History
Research interests: British economic policy post-1945; British industry and European integration 1945-73.
Dr. Mark P. Donovan
Sen. Lecturer in Pol., Department of Pol. and Int. Stud., Cardiff, School of European Studies
Research interests: Italian party system; political parties; electoral reform and referendum.
Dr. Brendan Smith
Reader in History, Bristol, Department of Historical Studies
Research interests: English colony in medieval Ireland.
Professor Ronald E. Hutton
Prof. of History, Bristol, Department of Historical Studies
Research interests: Images of paganism and witchcraft in Britain 1800-2000.