Byzantine history

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Dreaming in Byzantium and Beyond
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Dreaming in Byzantium and Beyond
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Dr. Mark Whittow
university Lecturer, Oxford, Corpus Christi College
Research interests: Mediterranean and Byzantine worlds *c*.500-1300, esp. landscape and settlement patterns and the social and political forces that shaped them.
Dr. Bryan R. Ward-Perkins
university Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Trinity College
Research interests: Mediterranean region in the period of transition from the Roman world to that of the middle ages $c$.300-700; urban and economic history.
Dr. Catherine J. Holmes
university Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, university College
Research interests: Medieval Europe 900-1400; Byzantium.
Dr. Peter J. Thonemann
Oxford, Wadham College
Research interests: History and archaeology of pre-Islamic Turkey; Greek epigraphy, particularly of Asia Minor; land tenure and village life in the Byzantine world.
Mrs. Averil M. Cameron
Oxford, Keble College
Ms. Anne E. Redgate
Lecturer in History, Newcastle upon Tyne, School of Historical Studies
Research interests: Heresy; ethnicity; comparative history.
Dr. Neil J. Christie
Reader in Archaeol., Leicester, School of Archaeology and Ancient History
Research interests: Barbarian Europe; late Roman-early medieval Italy.
Mr. Ian S. Moxon
Lecturer in Anc. History, Leeds, School of History
Dr. John C. Richards
Sen. Lecturer in History of Art, Glasgow, Department of History of Art
Research interests: Humanism and visual arts in Italian trecento.
Dr. Marilyn Dunn
Sen. Lecturer in Med. History, Glasgow, Department of History
Dr. Thomas S. Brown
Reader in Med. History, Edinburgh, History
Research interests: Early medieval Italy; Byzantium and the West; Britain and the continent $c$.500-$c$.1100.
Mr. John B. Mitchell
Reader in History of Art, East Anglia, School of World Art Studies and Museology
Research interests: Art, architecture and material culture of early medieval Europe.
Professor Michael J. Angold
Hon. Fellow and Emeritus Prof., Edinburgh, History
Research interests: Political, social and religious history of the Byzantine empire; 17th c. travellers to Greece.
Professor Andrew Louth
Prof. of Patristics, Durham, Department of Theology
Research interests: John of Damascus and Byzantine theology.
Professor L. Michael Whitby
Prof. of Anc. History, Warwick, Department of Classics and Ancient History
Research interests: Social and religious history of the late Roman periods, Alexander and 4th c. Athens.
Dr. Alan L. Harvey
Sen. Lecturer in History, Northumbria, School of Arts and Social Sciences
Research interests: Byzantine economic history 10th-15th c..
Dr. Charles W. Stewart
Reader in Anthr., London: university College, Department of Anthropology
Research interests: Dreams in Greece.
Professor Jonathan P. Phillips
Prof. of History, London: Royal Holloway university of London, Department of History
Research interests: Crusades and Latin East, esp. Second Crusade 1145-9; English and Flemish relations 11th-12th c..
Professor James Crow
Prof. of Classical Archaeol., Head of Archaeol., Edinburgh, Archaeology
Research interests: Roman frontiers; Byzantine archaeology.
Dr. Ruth J. Macrides
Sen. Lecturer in Byz. Stud., Birmingham, School of History and Cultures
Research interests: Byzantine social, legal and literary history; ceremonial; historical writing.
Dr. Dionysios Stathakopoulos
Lecturer in Byz. Stud., London: King's College, Department of Classics
Research interests: Wealth and its uses in the late Byzantine empire (1261-1453); poverty and social stratification.
Professor Judith Herrin
Prof. Emeritus, Constantine Leventis Sen. Res. Fellow of Late Antique and Byz. Stud., London: King's College, Department of Classics
Research interests: Women in Byzantium; Byzantium in relation to Islam and the west; history of the city of Ravenna in late antiquity.