Ecclesiastical and religious history

Constructing kingship
Naus, James (2016) Manchester University Press, 9780719090974 Hardback £70
Tolerance, regulation and rescue
Pullan, Brian (2016) Manchester University Press, 9781784991296 Hardback £75
Professor Callum G. Brown
Prof. of Late Mod. Eur. History, Glasgow, Department of History
Research interests: Secularisation; religion; gender; North Atlantic area.
Dr. Phil Webster
Lecturer in Med. History, Cardiff, ardiff School of History, Archaeology and Religion
Research interests: Kingship, politics and religion in the central middle ages, esp. England and the reign of King John.
Dr. Brian W. Young
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, Christ Church
Research interests: British intellectual and religious history; the Victorians and the 18th c.; historiography.
Dr. Tom S. Cordiner
Cambridge, Queens' College
Research interests: British cultural and political history since 1900; Jewish history and Zionism; history of London.
Dr. Christopher J. Tyerman
Oxford, Hertford College
Research interests: Crusades.
Professor John L. Watts
Prof. of Later Med. History, Oxford, Corpus Christi College
Research interests: Later medieval England and Europe; the growth of government and the transition from 'medieval' to 'early modern' political forms.
Dr. Alan L. Strathern
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, Brasenose College
Research interests: Portuguese imperialism; religious encounters.
Dr. Benjamin J. Thompson
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, Somerville College
Research interests: Church, society and politics, 1066-1540.
Dr. George Southcombe
Oxford, Brasenose College
Research interests: The uses of history in the late 17th c.; 17th c. religion and literature.
Dr. Kate Tiller
Oxford, Kellogg College
Research interests: English social and local history, 18th-20th c.; rural change; religious history.
Dr. Mark A. Smith
Oxford, Kellogg College
Research interests: History of Christianity in England 18th-20th c..
Dr. Simon Skinner
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, Balliol College
Research interests: High politics, paternalist and reactionary thought; religious and ecclesiastical dimensions.
Professor Lyndal A. Roper
Prof. of Early Mod. History, Oxford, Balliol College
Research interests: Social, cultural and religious history of 16th and 17th c. Germany; gender; witchcraft; Luther.
Professor Richard Sharpe
Prof. of Diplomatic, Oxford, Wadham College
Research interests: Medieval documents; English royal diplomatic, 11th-12th c.; medieval Latin texts; books and libraries in medieval England.
Dr. Mark Philpott
Oxford, Keble College
Dr. Matthew S. Kempshall
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, Wadham College
Research interests: Medieval and early Renaissance intellectual history and historiography; the influence of the classical tradition.
Professor Kevin Hjortshøj O'Rourke
Chichele Prof. of Econ. History, Oxford, All Souls College
Professor Howard Hotson
Prof. of Early Mod. Intellectual History, Oxford, St. Anne's College
Research interests: Ramism; encyclopaedism; irenicism; millennarianism; universal reform; international systems of intellectual reform.
Dr. Matthew Grimley
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, Merton College
Research interests: Religion and political ideas in 20th c. Britain.
Professor Abigail F.F. Green
Prof. of Mod. Eur. History, Oxford, Brasenose College
Research interests: 19th c. German and international Jewish history.
Dr. Daniel Gerrard
Oxford, St Peter's College
Research interests: Ecclesiastical and military history; British history 1000-1400; European history 900-1200.
Dr. Elizabeth A. Gemmill
Oxford, Kellogg College
Research interests: Medieval social, economic and ecclesiastical history.
Dr. Alexandra Gajda
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, Jesus College
Research interests: Political and religious history of the late 16th and early 17th c.; literature and history; history of travel; renaissance historiography.
Dr. Beate Dignas
Oxford, Somerville College
Research interests: Greek religion and epigraphy; Asia Minor.
Dr. E. Jane Garnett
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, Wadham College
Research interests: 19th and early 20th c. British and European intellectual, cultural and religious history; development of Victorian art criticism and visual culture; representation of women across the whole historical spectrum.
Dr. Ian Forrest
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, Oriel College
Research interests: Social and religious history of Europe 1200-1500, esp. ecclesiastical institutions, popular politics, heresy and inquisitions; history of trust.
Professor George S. Garnett
Prof. of Med. History, Oxford, St. Hugh's College
Research interests: Medieval and early modern political thought.
Mr. Nicholas S. Davidson
Assoc. Prof., Oxford, St. Edmund Hall
Research interests: Early modern Italy, esp. social and religious history.