Ecclesiastical and religious history

Professor W. John Blair
Prof., Oxford, Queen's College
Research interests: Settlement, landscape and society of Anglo-Saxon England, esp. local church organisation and the parochial system, with an emphasis on archaeological evidence.
Dr. Rossano Balzaretti
Sen. Lecturer in Med. History, Nottingham, School of History
Dr. Scott Ashley
Lecturer in Early Med. History, Newcastle upon Tyne, School of Historical Studies
Research interests: Christianity; social memory; Carolingian Renaissance; Vikings; ethnicity.
Professor Alexander Samely
Prof. of Jewish Thought, Manchester, School of Languages, Linguistics and Cultures
Research interests: Talmudic literature; Hebrew manuscripts.
Professor Kate Cooper
Prof. of Eccles. History, Manchester, Department of Religions and Theology
Research interests: Late antiquity: gender; rise of Christianity; pagans and Christians.
Professor Janet Coleman
Prof. of Anc. and Med. Pol. Thought, London: London School of Economics, Department of Government
Research interests: Ancient, medieval and Renaissance political history; pre-modern theories of state and church.
Professor Janet L. Nelson
Emerita and Visiting Res. Prof. of Med. History, London: King's College, Department of History
Research interests: Earlier medieval social and political history; medieval women and gender.
Dr. Augustine Casiday
Lecturer, Cardiff
Research interests: History of monasticism; early Christian thought; history of theology; history of ideas.
Dr. Francisca Rumsey
Trinity St. David, department of Theology and Religious Studies
Research interests: Early medieval theology; history of monasticism; history of women in religion; history of liturgy.
Dr. Jonathan M. Wooding
Sen. Lecturer, Trinity St. David, School of Theology, Religious Studies and Islamic Studies
Research interests: Monasticism; Celtic Christianity; Catholic Church in 19th c. Australia.
Professor Thomas O'Loughlin
Prof. of. History Theol., Nottingham, Department of Theology and Religious Studies
Research interests: History of medieval ideas; patristics; history of scriptural exegesis; insular Christianity in the medieval period; medieval cartography.
Dr. Katherine J. Lewis
Sen. Lecturer, Huddersfield, Division of History
Research interests: Saints' cults; concepts of gender; kingship and masculinity.
Professor Julia M.H. Smith
Edwards Prof. of Med. History, Glasgow, Department of History
Research interests: Late Roman and early medieval history, including politics; women and gender; saints' cults and religion.
Dr. Marilyn Dunn
Sen. Lecturer in Med. History, Glasgow, Department of History
Dr. Sarah M. Hamilton
Sen. Lecturer in History, Exeter, History
Research interests: Central medieval social history of religion, esp. penance and excommunication; medieval liturgy; heresy.
Dr. Thomas S. Brown
Reader in Med. History, Edinburgh, History
Research interests: Early medieval Italy; Byzantium and the West; Britain and the continent $c$.500-$c$.1100.
Dr. John L. Brockington
Reader in Sanskrit, Edinburgh, Sanskrit
Research interests: History of Vaishnavism.
Mr. John B. Mitchell
Reader in History of Art, East Anglia, School of World Art Studies and Museology
Research interests: Art, architecture and material culture of early medieval Europe.
Professor Michael J. Angold
Hon. Fellow and Emeritus Prof., Edinburgh, History
Research interests: Political, social and religious history of the Byzantine empire; 17th c. travellers to Greece.
Dr. Helen J. Nicholson
Reader in Med. History, Head of History, Cardiff, Cardiff School of History, Archaeology and Religion
Research interests: The military orders; crusades; gender; monasticism; Templars.
Professor Andrew Louth
Prof. of Patristics, Durham, Department of Theology
Research interests: John of Damascus and Byzantine theology.
Professor David W. Rollason
Prof. of History, Durham, Department of History
Research interests: Early medieval Northumbria; N. English historiography; power and kingship.
Dr. Peter A. Linehan
Cambridge, St. John's College
Research interests: History of medieval Iberia.
Dr. Richard A.W. Rex
Cambridge, Queens' College
Research interests: Henry VIII; Lollardy; Renaissance humanism; Reformation theology.
Professor Rosamond D. McKitterick
Prof. of Med. History, Cambridge, Sidney Sussex College
Research interests: Transmission of ideas in early middle ages.
Dr. Brendan Smith
Reader in History, Bristol, Department of Historical Studies
Research interests: English colony in medieval Ireland.
Dr. Martin Brett
Cambridge, Robinson College
Research interests: Canon law in Britain and Europe; diplomatic.
Dr. Michael J. Franklin
Cambridge, Hughes Hall
Research interests: Medieval ecclesiastical history.
Dr. Simon D. Keynes
Cambridge, Trinity College
Research interests: Anglo-Saxon history.
Professor Huw Pryce
Prof. of Welsh History, Bangor, School of History, Welsh History and Archaeology
Research interests: Medieval Wales; Welsh historiography.