Dr. Nigel R. Aston
Reader in Early Mod. History, Leicester, School of Historical Studies
Research interests: History of religion in western Europe 1650-1830; the place of the clergy in politics and intellectual life; universities 1650-1830; Anglo-French relations in religion and politics.
Professor Alison Oram
Prof. of Soc. and Cultural History, Leeds Beckett, School of Cultural Studies
Research interests: Social and cultural history; gender history; history of sexuality in 20th c. Britain.
Professor Robert D. Black
Prof. of Renaissance History, Leeds, School of History
Research interests: Medieval and Renaissance Italy.
Dr. Alannah E. Tomkins
Reader in History, Keele, Department of History
Research interests: Social history of medicines; poverty/poor relief and charity.
Professor V. Alan McClelland
Emeritus Prof. of Educ., Hull, School of Education
Research interests: R.C. Church history 1850-1945; the Irish diaspora since 1845.
Dr. Richard Toye
Prof. of History, Exeter, History
Research interests: Economic thought and policy; politics; empire; the United Nations.
Dr. Jonathan D. Nichol
Sen. Lecturer in Educ., Sch. of Educ., Exeter, Education
Dr. Jonathan Barry
Prof. of History, Exeter, History
Research interests: Bristol; S.W. England; provincial towns; middling sort; witchcraft; civic culture.
Professor Robert D. Anderson
Hon. Fellow and Emeritus Prof. of Mod. History, Edinburgh, History
Research interests: 19th c. France; history of education in 19th and 20th c. Scotland and Europe.
Dr. Jacqueline Fear-Segal
Reader in American History, East Anglia, School of American Studies
Research interests: Native Americans; immigration; Americanisation; race; education; visual and spatial history.
Professor Catherine R. Schenk
Prof. of Int. Econ. History, Glasgow, Department of Economic and Social History
Research interests: Post-war international financial relations; east Asia and Europe.
Professor Michael S. Moss
Prof., Glasgow, Department of History
Research interests: University history and historiography.
Dr. Jean Williams
Sen. Res. Fellow, De Montfort, Department of Historical and Social Studies
Research interests: Gender and sport history; literature and sport.
Professor John F. Martin
Prof. of History, De Montfort, Department of Historical and Social Studies
Research interests: Impact of government policies on British agriculture 1850; U.K. economy since 1939.
Dr. Keith Vernon
Sen. Lecturer, Central Lancashire, Department of Humanities
Research interests: British universities in the 20th c..
Dr. Ian P. Wei
Sen. Lecturer in History, Bristol, Department of Historical Studies
Research interests: Intellectuals in medieval society; university of Paris in 13th c..
Dr. Georgina Brewis
John Adams Fellow, London: University College, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
Research interests: History of education, youth, charity and voluntary action in modern Britain and the wider world.
Dr. Hazel Mills
Cambridge, Girton College
Research interests: Women's history; education.
Dr. Rebecca H.A. Oakes
Lecturer in History, Winchester, History and Archaeology Subject Areas
Research interests: English economic and social history; demographic history; medieval universities; history of education; English local history.
Dr. Rosie Kennedy
Lecturer in History, London: Goldsmiths' College, Department of History
Research interests: 20th c. British social and cultural history; World War I; history of childhood; children and war; education.
Professor Carl S.A. Chinn
Prof. of Birmingham Community History, Birmingham, School of History and Cultures
Research interests: Urban working-class history; manufacturing history; ethnic minorities; towns and cities; Birmingham and Black Country history.
Dr. Alison Hems
Lecturer, Bath Spa, School of Historical and Cultural Industries
Research interests: Heritage policy; heritage management, learning and interpretation.
Dr. Tom Hulme
Early Career Lecturer in Urban History, London: Institute of Historical Research
Research interests: Urban history in the 20th c., esp. Britain and the U.S.; civic culture and citizenship; local education and school architecture; civic festivals and pageantry; regeneration of post-industrial urban areas.
Mr. Rhun Emlyn
Lecturer in History, Aberystwyth, Department of History and Welsh History
Research interests: Medieval universities; medieval Wales; migration.
Dr. Richard Kirwan
University of Limerick, Department of History
Research interests: Early-modern Germany; history of universities; early-modern print culture; history of the Reformation.Republic of Ireland record
Dr. Mike Cosgrave
Lecturer in History, Cork, Department of History
Research interests: Digital history; digital humanities; military history; peacekeeping; scholarship of teaching and learning in history.Republic of Ireland record
Dr. Úna Ní Bhroiméil
Lecturer in History, Mary Immaculate College, Department of History
Research interests: The Irish-American press and the invention of ethnicity during World War I; the formation of female teachers in the late 19th and early 20th c. in Ireland; the use of images as political, sociological and historical artefacts.Republic of Ireland record
Dr. Liam Chambers
Sen. Lecturer in History, Mary Immaculate College, Department of History
Research interests: Irish migration to continental Europe, esp. France, in the 17th and 18th c.; the history of the Irish Colleges in Paris, 1578-2000; 18th c. Ireland; history of ideas in the 17th and 18th c..Republic of Ireland record
Catholics of Consequence
O'Neill, Ciaran (2016) Oxford University Press, 9780198783732 e-book £24.99
History of Universities
Feingold, Mordechai (2016) Oxford University Press, 9780198779919 e-book £55