Historical geography

Professor Richard Alston
Prof. of Anc. History, London: Royal Holloway University of London, Department of Classics
Research interests: Urbanisation and cultural change in Roman Egypt.
Dr. Neil Cummins
Assistant Prof. of Econ. History, London: London School of Economics, Department of Economic History
Research interests: Historical demography; social mobility.
Professor Linda Newson
Prof., Director, London: Institute of Latin American Studies, Institute of Latin American Studies
Research interests: Latin America and the Philippines during the Spanish colonial period; the impact of colonial rule on indigenous societies; the Portuguese slave trade to Latin America; history of medicine in early colonial Spanish America.
Dr. Tim Reynolds
Sen. Lecturer in Archaeol., London: Birkbeck College, Department of History
Research interests: Human prehistory adaptations.
Dr. David H. Fletcher
Sen. Lecturer in History, City Campus, London Metropolitan, Department of Law, Governance and International Relations
Research interests: History of cartography; estate maps; Ordnance Survey; the mapping of local government boundaries in England.
Dr. Cairo Hickman
Lecturer in History, Lincoln, Department of Humanities
Research interests: Roman and medieval religion; cartography; popular culture.
Professor Keith D.M. Snell
Prof. of Rural and Cultural History, Leicester, Centre for English Local History
Research interests: Cultural and agrarian history.
Professor David C. Gentilcore
Prof. of History, Leicester, School of Historical Studies
Research interests: Social and cultural history of early modern Italy; history of medicine; food history.
Dr. Guy Perry
Lecturer in Med. History, Leeds, School of History
Research interests: Social and geographical mobility in the central medieval period, esp. French-speaking world and Crusades.
Professor John A. Chartres
Emeritus Prof. of Soc. and Econ. History, Leeds, Business School
Research interests: 19th c. rural trades and crafts; 18th c. fiscal data as sources.
Professor Angus J.L. Winchester
Prof. of Local and Landscape History, Lancaster, Department of History
Research interests: Landscape and environmental history; local and regional history.
Dr. Karen R. Jones
Sen. Lecturer, Kent at Canterbury, School of History
Research interests: The American West; environmental history.
Dr. Helen Fenwick
Lecturer in Archaeol., Hull, Department of History
Research interests: Medieval settlement; landscape archaeology and G.I.S..
Dr. Jane C. Whittle
Prof. of History, Exeter, History
Research interests: 14th-17th c. rural society and economy of England; gender history.
Dr. Nicola Whyte
Sen. Lecturer in History, Exeter, History - Cornwall Campus
Research interests: Landscape, environment and society $c$.1500-1800.
Professor Stephen J. Rippon
Prof. of Landscape Archaeol., Exeter, Archaeology
Research interests: History of landscape; wetland archaeology.
Professor Jeremy M. Black
Prof. of History, Exeter, History
Research interests: Warfare; international relations; historical atlases.
Professor Matthias Röhrig Assunção
Prof. of History, Essex, Department of History
Research interests: Colonial history of Latin America; slavery and post-emancipation in Brazil and the Caribbean; political history of 19th and 20th c. Latin America; capoeira and martial arts of the Black Atlantic.
Dr. Robert E. Liddiard
Sen. Lecturer in Med. Landscape History, East Anglia, School of History
Research interests: Landscape history, 500-1500; castles and high status landscapes; Norman Conquest.
Mr. John B. Mitchell
Reader in History of Art, East Anglia, School of World Art Studies and Museology
Research interests: Art, architecture and material culture of early medieval Europe.
Dr. Catherine D. Carmichael
Reader. in Eur. History, East Anglia, School of History
Research interests: National identity and state formation in the Balkans; ethnicity and violence.
Mr. Brett Sanders
Lecturer in History, Coventry, School of International Studies and Law
Dr. Amanda Richardson
Sen. Lecturer in History and Heritage Stud., Chichester, Department of History
Research interests: Landscape history; local history; heritage studies.
Dr. Thomas Pickles
Sen. Lecturer, Chester, Department of History and Archaeology
Research interests: Early medieval British history, archaeology and place-names.
Dr. Tim Cole
Prof. of Soc. History, Bristol, Department of Historical Studies
Research interests: Holocaust ghettoisation in Hungary; representations of the Holocaust post-1945.
Dr. Margaret A. Small
Lecturer in Early Mod. History, Birmingham, School of History and Cultures
Research interests: European exploration and expansion; history of the classical tradition; history of geography.
Dr. Christopher M.J. Aldous
Reader in Mod. Int. History, Winchester, History and Archaeology Subject Areas
Research interests: Modern Japanese history; occupations of Japan and Okinawa; medical history; environmental history.
Professor Richard Morris
Prof., Huddersfield, Division of History
Research interests: Church and battlefield archaeology and ecclesiastical geography; settlement and landscape; aviation and cultural history to $c$.1960.
Dr. Christopher P. Callow
Lecturer in Med. History, Birmingham, School of History and Cultures
Research interests: Medieval Iceland; early medieval history and archaeology.
Dr. Lisa Collinson
Postdoctoral Res. Fellow, Aberdeen, Department of History
Research interests: Scandinavian studies.