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Theses in progress
Katherine Low
University Lecturer, Oxford, Regent's Park College
Research interests: Ancient Roman History.
Dr. Erika Hanna
Chancellor's Fellow in History, Edinburgh, School of History, Classics and Archaeology
Research interests: 20th c. Ireland; urban History; History of photography; Historiography and research methodologies.
Professor Donald M. MacRaild
Prof. in Brit. and Irish History, Ulster, School of English and History (Coleraine)
Research interests: Irish and British social and labour History, 1750-1914; British and Irish diasporas; theory and methods.
Dr. David Siemens
D.A.A.D. Lecturer in German History, London: University College
Research interests: 19th and 20th c. crime; law; culture; politics; Historiography.
Dr. Jamie Wood
Lecturer in History, Lincoln, Department of Humanities
Research interests: Identity; pedagogy; Historiography; violence.
Professor Glyn Parry
Prof., Roehampton, History Programme
Research interests: Early modern magic and its wider culture; Shakespeare and his evironment; Tudor government in action; the decline of magic.
Dr. Simon R. Ditchfield
Reader in History, York, Department of History
Research interests: The making of Roman Catholicism as a world religion; uses of the past in early modern Europe.
Professor Roger C. Richardson
Prof. Emeritus, Winchester, History and Archaeology Subject Areas
Research interests: Historiography of English Revolution; social and cultural History of domestic servants; English social and local History; 17th c. religious biography.
Professor Jennifer Smyth
Assoc. Prof. in History, Warwick, Department of History
Research interests: Historiography; cinema.
Professor Maxine L. Berg
Prof. of History, Warwick, Department of History
Research interests: Global History; consumer culture in Europe and Asia.
Dr. Deborah Youngs
Sen. Lecturer in History, Swansea, Department of History and Classics
Research interests: Lifecycle in the medieval world; late medieval British History.
Dr. Steven J. Sarson
Lecturer in History, Swansea, Department of History and Classics
Research interests: American colonies and revolution.
Professor D. Stuart T. Clark
Prof. of History, Swansea, Department of History and Classics
Research interests: Theoretical aspects of Historiography of early modern witchcraft.
Dr. W. Stuart Howard
Sen. Lecturer in History, Sunderland, School of Arts, Design, Media and Culture
Research interests: Literature of labour; History of coalmining.
Professor Robin C.C. Law
Emeritus Prof. of Afric. History, Stirling, Department of History
Research interests: Social History of Ouidah (Benin); English Royal African Company; Atlantic slave trade.
Dr. David W. Mayall
Princ. Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam, Division of Education and Humanitites
Research interests: Immigrant and minority History.
Dr. Kevin F. McDermott
Sen. Lecturer, Sheffield Hallam, Division of Education and Humanitites
Research interests: Stalin and Stalinism; 20th c. Czechoslovakia.
Dr. Simon T. Loseby
Sen. Lecturer in History, Sheffield, Department of History
Research interests: Late antique and early medieval History and archaeology, esp. cities; exchange systems; Gaul/Francia; the Mediterranean; Gregory of Tours.