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Dr. Roy Flechner
Lecturer in History, University College Dublin (National University of Ireland)
Research interests: Early medieval Irish and Anglo-Saxon law; conversion to Christianity; historiography; the emergence of ecclesiastical law; the circulation of texts.Republic of Ireland record
Professor Ciaran F. Brady
Assoc. Prof. of Mod. History, Trinity College Dublin (University of Dublin), Department of History
Research interests: 16th-17th c. Irish political and intellectual history; Irish historiography.Republic of Ireland record
Dr. Kimberly LoPrete
Lecturer in History, National University of Ireland, Galway, Department of History
Research interests: Social, political and cultural history of medieval Europe, in particular 11th-12th c. and France; women in medieval society, notably aristocratic women; gender and lordship; the first crusade and the history of crusading; Europeans' encounters with non-Europeans and travels in Asia; medieval historical writing and uses of the past in the middle ages; manuscript studies, including palaeography, codicology and the transmission of texts.Republic of Ireland record
Dr. Pádraig Lenihan
Lecturer in History, National University of Ireland, Galway, Department of History
Research interests: Historiography of Stuart Ireland; military history; history of technology and social change; the Irish long 18th c., 1691-1800.Republic of Ireland record
Dr. Brian W. Young
University Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Christ Church
Research interests: British intellectual and religious history; the Victorians and the 18th c.; historiography.
Professor John L. Watts
Prof. of Later Med. History, Oxford, Corpus Christi College
Research interests: Later medieval England and Europe; the growth of government and the transition from 'medieval' to 'early modern' political forms.
Dr. George Southcombe
Oxford, Brasenose College
Research interests: The uses of history in the late 17th c.; 17th c. religion and literature.
Mr. Peter R. Ghosh
University Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, St. Anne's College
Research interests: Max Weber's Protestant ethic in historical context; intellectual traditions underlying the conduct of English politics 1850-1895; the evolution of European and British historiography from the Enlightenment to the present.
Dr. Alexandra Gajda
University Lecturer (Inter-Collegiate), Oxford, Jesus College
Research interests: Political and religious history of the late 16th and early 17th c.; literature and history; history of travel; renaissance historiography.
Dr. Katherine J. Clarke
Oxford, St. Hilda's College
Research interests: Ancient geography; historiography; perceptions of time.
Professor Craig Clunas
Prof. of the History of Art, Oxford, Trinity College
Research interests: Art and cultural history of China from 1400 to the contemporary period, esp. that of the Ming period; methodology and historiography of art history.
Dr. Elisabeth M.C. van Houts
Cambridge, Emmanuel College
Research interests: Medieval historiography 800-1200; Anglo-Norman history; history of gender.
Professor Rosamond D. McKitterick
Prof. of Med. History, Cambridge, Sidney Sussex College
Research interests: Transmission of ideas in early middle ages.
Dr. Peter A. Linehan
Cambridge, St. John's College
Research interests: History of medieval Spain and Portugal; history of medieval canon law.
Professor Simon D. Keynes
Elrington and Bosworth Prof. of Anglo-Saxon, Cambridge, Trinity College
Research interests: Anglo-Saxon history.